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洪水 & 洪水保险 Information

资源 and information about Charlotte County’s flood risks, flood insurance and flood protection services.

FEMA has a tool to estimate the cost of flood damage based on the size of the home and the depth of the flood waters. You can reduce or mitigate your risk by purchasing flood insurance, 改造, moving out of the floodplain, or elevating your structure. 找到 out how much a flood can cost you: FEMA 洪水 Damage Cost Calculator | 2017 洪水 Loss Estimations

Map of 2019 FEMA 洪水 Zones

FEMA 洪水 Zones Comparison Map App
Map App Tutorial (video)

FEMA Changes to Area 洪水 Maps

联邦应急管理局宣布12月. 15, 2022, as the effective date for new 洪水 Risk Maps. FEMA has issued the Letter of Final Determination (LFD) and Final Summary of Map Changes (SOMA) for Charlotte County. Many past Letters of Map Change (LOMC, LOMA, LOMR) will be superseded (no longer valid) when the new maps become effective. 

The new FEMA 洪水 Risk Maps will usher in a new FEMA designated flood zone known as the 沿海A区. This area is based on the Limit of Moderate Wave Action (LiMWA) and can experience wave crests of 1.5' - 3'. The 沿海A区 has higher construction standards.

These new maps will be in the most current vertical datum, known as the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 or NAVD88. The NAVD88 datum has an average difference in our area of 1.15' (lower) than the current vertical datum used. Click on the flyers below to learn more about these changes.

Charlotte County offers free flood workshops at the local libraries. Learn about the flood insurance changes that took place October 2021 and the new flood map changes that will become effective on December 15, 2022.

The flood workshop flyer and the flood workshop presentation with the slides and notes, 可以在下面找到:

For questions about flood or flood insurance, 联系 Donna Bailey, CFM, floodplain coordinator, at 941.623.1080.

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